Interesting Things I Learned About Black History During the Other 11 Months of the Year

I dislike Black History Month. Yeah you read that correctly. In Canada and the U.S. February has been designated Black History Month and every year I rant about how much I hate BHM.

I love history. Black history, White history, Asian history, World history, I love it all. I once spent 90 minutes on a Saturday night reading up on the history of the pencil. Granted I do love pencils, but that’s another story.

The reason I hate BHM is that history is interesting and people of all races, religions etc. should be encouraged to learn about history all year round.

Here is a list of people, events and new stories that I found interesting this year.

Blind Tom Wiggins. Born into slavery, blind, autistic, he still composed beautiful music.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Website. Real people, ripped from their families to be traded as a commodity. A shocking amount of children.

Huck and Jim’s Excellent Adventure. Personally I don’t like it when people re write history but both commentators make excellent points. Personally, I never considered Huck Finn a children’s book. It’s definitely high school material. Thanks to Carla for the excellent revisionist title!

Argument for the new edition
Argument against the new edition

Sherman’s March to the Sea. I read E.L. Doctorow’s book The March and this prompted me to learn more about the campaign. It was misery for everyone, white, black, north, south, private or general!

Tunisia is country struggling with corruption. A country in North Africa is very far away from the comforts of my Canadian suburb.

Remember those who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it.

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