The Scrubbies Project Turns 1!!!!

The Scrubbies Project turned 1 yesterday. In 12 months I used  four scrubbies.

As I pointed out in the original post, half a scrubbie wears out just as quickly as a full scrubbie, so I actually used two full scrubbies.

There is a slight, although  slight, chance that I might have pushed the limits of Scrubbie Endurance with scrubbie # 4 (1 April – 12 July).

Scrubbie Research indicates  this project will continue until July 2017. Will it make a difference in the world? Probably not! Sometimes if you can’t find a solution, then at least don’t contribute to the problem.

For once I am not pushing the value of frugality (although it is an awesome skill) but the idea that it’s okay to use stuff until it completely falls apart. A few flaws does not warrant throwing something away. Canada  is a rich country and sadly such a rich country we can’t even give shit away. That needs to stop. Will an endurance project about a $1.74 package of scrubbies stop this behavior? Once again, probably not. But maybe, just maybe, someone might actually think before they toss. That’s all I ask.

Note: There is no such thing as Scrubbie Research. I totally made up the term. There is no secret research lab full of nerds in white lab coats testing various levels or scrubbie strength and durability.