The Rules of Jo – A Sneak Preview

About Jo

Jo is super freakin’ awesome!
Jo is an awesome freak!
A little bit of both!

Why All the Rules?

Sometimes I do really stupid things. I do not want to do stupid things again but often I repeat said stupid thing. I suppose it’s human nature to be stupid. Or my nature. In my illogical stupid mind I have convinced myself if I force myself to create a rule I will actually follow through.   If I make some vague statement it never sticks. For some reason if I make it a rule, I magically find the discipline to follow it. Like I before E except after C. But in life.

The Rules of the Rules of Jo?

Only Jo has to follow The Rules of Jo.

Rule #13 Thou Shall Rinse Out Thy Bathing Suit in Cold Water!

My mom was obsessed with this rule growing up. The way it was explained to me, if I failed, even once, to rinse out my bathing suit,  bad things would happen. Bad things that may affect our family and possibly Europe’s financial stability and freedom.

Here is a typical rinse out your bathing suit conversation totally exactly like it happened when I was 7, circa 1974.

Mom: Go upstairs and rinse out your bathing suit.

Me: (probably whining) But I want to wear it. It’s comfortable and I might run through the sprinkler later.

Mom: Tell that to the starving orphans in Poland. Behind the IRON CURTAIN OF COMMUNISM.

Me: Are they starving because I don’t want to rinse my bathing suit?

Mom: They don’t have bathing suits! Or pools! Or anything nice. Like puppies.

Me: I like puppies. Is Alex (family poodle #2) going to have puppies?

Mom:(agitated) Your bathing suit is drying. It’s going to start fading at any moment. You must rinse it now. Are you trying to bankrupt this family?

Me: If I run though the sprinkler isn’t that kinda like rising it?

Mom glares at me with a murderous expression.

Me: I’ll be upstairs rinsing.

Communism = increase in orphans
Communism = decrease in access to pools and puppies
Extra bathing suit purchases = possible family insolvency

I follow this rule mainly out of FEAR.

Note : In hindsight, I suspect bathing suits, pools and puppies were available in Poland even during the COMMUNIST ERA. I think mom’s research was spotty at best and subject to wild exaggeration.

More Rules Coming Soon….

3 thoughts on “The Rules of Jo – A Sneak Preview

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