ImageI have been experiencing a horrible case of malaise since returning from Australia.  I’ve never truly been anywhere really warm  hot in February so naturally one would think it’s because I had a slice of summer and then returned to frosty Canada  and THAT would be the cause of my gloomy mood.

It’s more than that.

I realized when I was away, I had a technology fast. I did have Facebook and email and my digital camera, but I was not immersed in technology all day. Technology accounted for about an hour a day.

The problem with so much technology is that it can take over your life. Technology is starting to take over my life.

My technology use is different  than the average user. I actually don’t use much technology, but instead I fix broken technology. Much of my day is dealing with:

a) broken technology
b) broken people trying to use technology
c) broken technology + broken people using technology.

It’s a recipe for exhaustion. Mentally and spiritually. One of the problems with technology is the human factor. Humans who use technology  become people  who exhibit  human characteristics like anger, frustration, impatience and self sabotage when trying to get help. Broken + broken = more broken.

I fear my sanity is on its way towards my own private broken.

While technology is supposed to bring people together, it’s driving me more and more into seclusion. I am turning into an angry, short-tempered, intolerant person who spends their leisure time surfing (yeah I know, irony) a website called Cabin Porn.

It’s time to change. But how to do it is not something one can Google to find the answer. What I need is time to reflect and patience to find the answer, something that technology cannot provide. I have to figure it out on my own.

One thought on “Malaise

  1. …and another one bites the dust……NO! I have found myself in the same loop. Just “forcing” myself to get out for a bit, leave the technology home and go…a movie, dinner, something. then choose other things to do…like gardening. “All is balance and balance is all.” You do some wonderful work with the free-cycle stuff….but more is needed. Don’t drive yourself nuts…or allow others to do so.
    Stay strong, be diverse, enjoy life.

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