I am not one for gadgets and people are slightly perplexed why I dislike them so much. This is my problem with gadgets.

I work in tech suppbroken-robotort. I fix broken stuff all day.  I don’t have much time to actually use and enjoy gadgets. After 7 or 8 hours of continuous broken, I am exhausted. I don’t want to do have anything to do with gadgets and technology.

I have a history of picking the only broken item at the store. I bring it home and spend hours trying to get it to work only to spend even more time returning it because it is defective.

Gadgets are a want, not a need. I am not that important, so I don’t need a smartphone to call, email and text 24/7. Paper books are free at the library so I don’t need an e-reader. I find video games a complete waste of time (some people love video games and I am glad they make you happy).  I have a map of the area so I don’t need a GPS.  All these gadgets need to be configured, maintained, placed on plans and of course, constantly upgraded. I can afford all of these things, but I choose not to over complicate my life with them. Plus I truly despise gadgets when they breakdown and people unravel into a giant puddle of helplessness.

I dislike the social disconnect created by gadgets. People get that zoned out glazed expression when texting and step into traffic. Often, I try to have a face to face conversation with someone and they keep peering down at their phones in anticipation of a very important text or possible a call from, no doubt, the Queen of England. While it is true, I am quite boring, I am sure the Queen is not posting to your Facebook page and I am sitting right in front of you trying to have a mildly intelligent conversation.

The constant manufactured need to upgrade is an anxiety that I can live without. There never seems to be the correct size of television. A 32” leads to a 42” which leads to a 52” and OMG what kind of loser has a 52” TV without the latest ear bleeding surround sound system blah blah blah and  It just never ends.

I guess what drives me crazy about gadgets is the never-ending peer pressure and perhaps, compulsion, to accumulate the latest and greatest. That pressure and desire never ends. It’s  like a donkey chasing the carrot on a stick. I like to think while many may consider me an ass, I am at least a little bit smarter than one.

2 thoughts on “Gadgets

  1. Jo!
    How have you been? I love your blog (Lorraine gave me the link awhile ago and I’ve been checking in every now and then)! I couldn’t agree more with this last post, people look at me like I’m a monster for not having a smart phone haha! It is all way too much work and not to mention money trying to keep up with all this disposable technology. – Angie (from LLI)

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