Uncharted Territory

we-got-shitWhat can I say that is any different than exactly what millions of people have already said?

I guess the comforting thing is that we are all in uncharted territory together. Nobody’s really had to deal with this on a global scale in over 100 years so while there are protocols and technologies to use, a lot of us are just winging it. Some of us more so than others.  

Yup, in the world of winging it, the queue is long, the relief cheque is delayed, grandma is old and vulnerable, and the “easy” bread recipe produced a loaf shaped like a penis.  It’s a lot to take in.

As someone who is very self-sufficient when it comes to getting shit done, I can tell you it’s okay to wing it. I cannot tell you how many disaster DIY, cooking and writing projects that ended up right in the trash. It happens and the results range from rage, mild frustration and fits of giggles.  In my modest level of success all I can say is that it gets easier.

Easier doesn’t mean you won’t ride out the roller coaster of emotions ranging from rage, fear, OMG has he always breathed that loudly and finally am I the only one who does not give a shit about Tiger King?

People are resilient even if we don’t know it.   

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