Monkey Mind

confusedStarted a few posts over the last six weeks or so, but most have remained as rough drafts. Not exactly writer’s block, but alas, things aren’t flowing like usual.

Ideas germinating in my monkey mind!

Now Everyone Loves Customer Service!

Well, well, well, perhaps Frank at the store or Lorraine on the phone are not a complete idiots.

People are slowly, very slowly, figuring out the level of crazy that the service industry deals with on a daily basis. This is the last industry where bullying is acceptable under the guise of the customer is always right. The bullying is so unconscious that people don’t even realize they are doing it. Management and corporate policies make it impossible for there to be consequences for the actions of bullying customers but there is always consequences for the employee trying to enforce a policy that a weak management team undermines at every step.

Minimalism and Death

You can’t take it with you. Are the things you leave the legacy you want? Ah future children, here is your great great great aunt’s cell phone she dropped in the tub back in 2006.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

About 80% of my day is spent lying to customers. I hate lying all the time, it’s not good for your spirit. I do it for my own selfish self protection. Sometimes the myth of the lie is more comforting that the truth. There is a good chance I might have just quoted Lisa Simpson.

The Cult of Busy

I hate telling people how busy I am because it’s such a cliche. I hate being busy cause I have zero time to think, problem solve or innovate. All I do is react. If your job is just putting out fires all day (ignore this thought if you are an actual fire fighter) there is a very good chance the fires are being started for all the wrong reasons. Okay that makes no sense, but like I said, this why these posts are sitting in a draft folder.

Minimalism During a Pandemic

Things have certainly been easier for sure. Fewer bills and less stuff to keep track of and maintain. And it’s all paid for! That’s good when an economy based on buying stuff crashes and burns.

Once the monkey mind settles, I will expand on these thoughts.


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