Splish Splash

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I really really really love to soak in the tub at the end of the day. It relaxes me and just makes me just so fucking happy. All the mental and physical stresses of the day fade away during a soak. 

A little back story.

After months of work at home in an understaffed, angry-and-overwhelmed-by-COVID-stuck-at-home-customers as well as zero resources to help said customers department, I was guzzling way too much Diet Coke and all that caffeine was not helping. I was restless, anxious and stressed by the daily onslaught of work. 

I am extremely grateful to be able to work and work from home (saving me 2-3 hours a day in commuting) but still, trying to cram 50+ hours worth of work into a 37.5 hour work week without losing my mind, and my shit, was mentally demanding.  So like many, I took solace in caffeine.  I was not sleeping well and it was time to cut down. 

After a somewhat painful and slightly grumpy 5 days of detoxing, I felt better and the cravings for caffeine subsided. I still love my Diet Coke but only have a can a day.  With my new found calmness, my end of the day/post workout baths were absolute bliss. 

With less caffeine in my system I was falling asleep earlier and waking up around 5am ish.  This gave me plenty of time to do stuff before work, important life work like watching funny animal videos and catching up on the latest COVID jokes, so I decided why not soak in the tub before work. Surely this will put me in a mellow mood to start my work day!

It was an absolute success!

It was an absolute failure!

I really enjoyed my morning soaks. Read a few chapters of a non fiction book in the quiet solitude. Just me, the water and the book. Nirvana. Started the work day relaxed.

But A little too relaxed.

I was sleepy and sluggish and not very productive for the first hour or so of my day. This does not bode well for someone who works in an industry (support/customer service) that is designed to micromanage every aspect of an employee’s day (yes I have to change my phone status to washroom when I got for a pee in my own apartment). I am expected to churn out responses at a certain rate per hour and if I am not feeling 100%, well fuck you robot worker, you suck. So back to nightly soaks and efficient cool morning showers. 

That being said, I learned that a relaxing morning soak in the tub was extremely valuable. I was much more relaxed and happier to start my day and this robot will continue to opt for morning soaks on her Robot Worker Days Off and change my phone status to fuck you I’m in the tub.

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