This is a pic I took in Feb 2017 and it was just dumb luck it that turned out so good.

Lately, I have been getting up around 5am. Actually I get up at 5am a lot, mostly to pee but instead of going back to bed only to doze, I stay up. Having 3+ hours before work to just be idle, think, read and absorb material and ease into my day has been…

Friggin’ awesome.

I will try (and fail) not to sound like some crazy early morning zealot but it’s been a great experience. I know many of you are stretched thin these days, kids, spouses, work, understanding how teachers teach fractions now, so I bet many of you are downright exhausted and the last thing you want to do is get up even earlier. If it’s not doable for you, save this idea for a different time.

I’v learned that stealing a bit of time at the begining of the day is not just nice, but energizing. I like the quiet. I’ve cut down on watching videos on the YouTube and definately cut the news from my quiet time.

The reason I relish this tranquil morning time is because I am not rushed. Now I can watch the sunrise, eat my breakfast slowly, stretch, exercise, read a few chapters of a book, be in the moment. For someone who really struggles to be in, SQUIRREL, ooh shinny thing, the moment, not being rushed is like opening a wonderful surprise Christmas gift every single day.

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