What Could Go Wrong?

In this case, absolutely nothing.

So I watched a video on the YouTube from Jonne at The Unlazy Way where he entered a mountain bike race without any actual mountain biking skills.

Now Jonne is crazy fit, but there is more to mountain biking than being fit.

You can watch the video here:

Hilarity ensued.

running-watermelonI thought it would be fun to see if I could do a mini triathlon. Try to do a swim, bike, walk (I don’t run) one after another.

swim = 1000m
bike = 20 km
walk = 5 km

Without ANY training. 

I attempted this to see if my regular exercise routine prepared me for this task. My regular cardio routine is a 30 minute swim in morning and a 30-60 minute bike ride after work. All of them pretty lazy. There is a reason my nickname is Slackerjo.

tri-timeLots of sweating, fluids and 2 bananas later, I completed my mini triathlon. Deduct about 2 minutes from the time as it took about 2 minutes to go from starting the stopwatch on the phone to getting into the pool. I was aiming for under 3 hours, so, hurrah.

So what was the point of this experiment? I honestly don’t know. It’s not to brag (well maybe a little). I guess my best lame answer is “because I can.” By no means was this a feat of endurance. It was definitely slow and steady wins the race kind of workout. I ride a bike with cruiser style handlebars so not breaking any records here.

I was worried that my legs would be dead by the time I got to the walk. Doubt crept into my head before I even started! I think the most valuable thing I learned was to ignore that Annoying Little Voice of Doubt. Annoying Little Voice of Doubt is an asshole. This was a completely fabricated triathlon. I didn’t even have a numbered bib. If I got really tired, I could stop, plop myself down on a bench and rest for a few minutes before continuing. Doubts, getting hung up about non existent rules and thinking that Jonne would have knocked out this triathlon in half the time, could have easily derailed this challenge, but it didn’t.

So to sum it up, try, don’t overthink it, don’t get bogged down by rules you invented, and enjoy the post challenge carbs.

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