My Day Without the Internet

scissors-outageMy internet provider experienced a service interruption so I had no internet until about 5pm yesterday. I seldom experience an outage so it was not a big deal. I don’t own a smartphone so no connection at all for me.

How did I survive? It was fine. I did not fall to pieces without the internet for 10 hours.




Wednesday is laundry day so I did laundry.
Listened to some records.
36 minutes later brought laundry upstairs and placed on drying rack.
Did groceries. That was the hardest part of my day as it was very hot outside.

Went to the library to pick up an audiobook. I did log into a 15 minute internet use PC to ask my brother if he had internet (we have the same provider), he didn’t so that’s how I knew it was an outage. My  connection at the library kept conking out on me and it’s not my job (anymore) to fix the library’s internet so I only used 9 of my allotted 15 minutes.

It was very hot outside and threatening to storm (damn, it never did) so I stayed indoors and watched some documentaries I got from the library.  I will admit I wanted to Google something that was mentioned in one of the documentaries but instead I wrote it down and Googled it later.

I had to get the weather forecast and news from the radio.

I finished my book. Started some book reviews.

Dropped off my car at mechanic’s and biked back home.

By then the internet was up and running and I checked out a few blogs I like and listened to some tunes and placed a few more books on hold at the library.

All in all it was not an unpleasant day. I am glad that I have not developed a dependency on the internet, just a curious attraction.

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